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Moving Forward & Making a Difference

From the time we entered the bizarre COVID world at the beginning of 2020, we have been extending our full-fledged support to you and your business. Finding positivity in challenges has become our treaty in this ‘new normal’. Humanity, rather than profitability, has become our mantra that defines our COVID-19 response measures.

We are dedicatedly moving forward to making Bridge Global work for you as we are setting our foot into a new year. Together we can transform the challenges into progressive changes to face a post-pandemic world with confidence.

Want to revive your business in a post-COVID world? Let’s transform your ideas into efficient digital solutions.

Tell Us Your IT Need

How we help our clients

  • Scalable & robust software solutions - We always focus on offering digital solutions that provide scalability, flexibility,and agility. We continue to be a reliable partner in these unprecedented times by delivering timely solutions at a reasonable price. We are happy to meet the technology needs of our clients by being considerate about their unique financial situations.
  • Empathy & support in times of crisis - We’ve offered free resources to one of our clients, who was experiencing a pandemic-induced business collapse. We continue to offer this till they bounce back and become stable. This has boosted their trust in us and our relationship has grown farther up.
  • Accommodate clients’ flexible needs - We’ve evolved a 100% change-friendly collaboration process by offering our clients the freedom to move from one engagement model to another. A few of our clients have moved from the dedicated team pattern to a model where the payment will be made only for the time and effort spent on development.

How we help our employees

  • Allowed WFH from the start of the pandemic - From the onset of the pandemic, we have allowed all the employees, aka Bridgys, to embrace work from home (WFH). We have also kept our office open during the working hours to enable those who wish to work from the office.
  • COVID-19 allowance to all employees - Offered a one-time ‘COVID Work From Home Allowance’. Bridgys were encouraged to buy the necessary equipment (work desk, chair, or any accessories) that support their smooth workflow at home.
  • COVID-19 insurance coverage to employees and their families - Introduced COVID Insurance to all to live confidently and fearlessly in this scenario of the high-risk virus. We’ve also launched a group insurance plan to ensure the wellbeing of the families of our employees. This helps them enjoy improved financial security and an overall sense of satisfaction. This is in addition to our regular employee health insurance that is a part of the compensation package.
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  • Helping hand to our community - CARE, the CSR team at Bridge Global, is staying true to its values even during this crisis. We are able to extend financial support to the needed families and individuals uninterruptedly.
  • Lighthearted moments through virtual gatherings - Our sports and arts committee, Sanskriti, is ensuring that even in this WFH scenario, Bridgys should be bonded together through virtual get-togethers, online contests, and other entertaining stuff.

Businesses are having tough times sailing through this pandemic. But a right technology partner can do wonders to your business.